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Mi Life Project


It is an educational program that promotes the integral development of children, adolescents and young people in vulnerable situations. It uses an innovative methodology based on the promotion of social and communicational values and skills, and on comprehensive support to contribute to access and permanence in the formal educational system and in the world of work.

It includes an economic subsidy, participation in workshops and tutoring for each of the students. In some provinces, housing, food and / or transportation are provided during the school year, mainly for those adolescents who live in places far from schools.

Santiago del Estero


Buenos Aires

Santiago del Estero.

“My Life Project” is focused on supporting the secondary education of children, adolescents and young people from rural communities in the Chaco Austral region. It helps them to start, maintain and complete their studies.

The scholarship includes tutors, workshops and financial support to study at the agrotechnical school. It also assure students a correct adaptation to the city of Campo Gallo, Alberdi Department, when they are away from their family from February to December.
We support families so that their wish for their children to study becomes a reality. The economy of these families is based on coal, fence posts and small-scale farming of goats.

In addition, the program provides all the necessary support for emotional, social and economic development.

"The program includes: accommodation (in the Residence of the Sisters of San Carlos de Borromeo), food, tutoring, workshops and family supports."

Impact on the quality of life of adolescents and families.

Groups of boys who suffer the interruption of their studies at the end of the primary level get the possibility to access secondary and higher education through the scholarships. By continuing the educational process, they acquire tools necessary to continue growing and developing, both academically and personally, as well as for the labor market.


The Grano de Mostaza Foundation has been giving scholarships to high school and tertiary/university students from rural schools located in the hills of Salta since 2005. Most of these adolescents and young people live in very humble houses scattered across the hills. There, access to education is limited, ending at primary level. In addition, the living conditions are very precarious since their families usually live on what they themselves produce (that is, the raising of goats and cultivation of basic vegetables), even practicing barter between them.

The Foundation has a study house in Rosario de Lerma. It has all the necessary tools to create a good environment for study and contention. There, students can access support classes and a computer room.

"Education as a tool for inclusion"

Impact on the quality of life of the group.

The fact of having the opportunity to continue studying gives the scholars the possibility to access necessary tools to continue growing and developing, both academically and personally. If they did not have access to the scholarships, they would be excluded from the possibility of continuing studying middle school and face current personal and social challenges.

Buenos Aires.

We support the education of vulnerable young people through secondary educational scholarships. These youth come from poor families that live mostly in the slums of the City of Buenos Aires (Villa 31 and others) and the rest of the metropolitan area.

Buenos Aires: Retiro.

The program supports the education of vulnerable adolescents and youth who participate in activities at the Parish of Nuestra Señora del Socorro (Our Lady of Socorro) in the City of Buenos Aires. They receive secondary and higher education scholarships.

They come from families with limited economic resources who mostly live in slums of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. They are boys and girls who for reasons beyond their control suffer the interruption of their studies at the end of the primary level.

The Buenos Aires Program is focused on promoting access to education and knowledge, and developing commitment on young scholars. It also trains and guides parents to increase the family commitment and support of the training process of their children.

The Program is focused on five axes:

  • Financial support (monthly “rendiciones” of the student and their parents).
  • Tutoring.
  • Training in study methodology.
  • Support classes (clases de apoyo).
  • Training and support for parents through monthly compulsory workshops, which cover various topics associated with the bond between the father / mother and adolescent or young beneficiary.
"Educational scholarships for adolescents and young people at high-risk"

Buenos Aires: Parque Patricios.

We support digital educational training on software and infrastructure development for more than 50 low-income youth living in vulnerable contexts. This is a project in partnership with the CSR Education Program “Préstamo de Honor” of the technology company EXO S.A. – Technology Solutions.

In particular, Grano de Mostaza Foundation contributes with training focused on promoting soft employability skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, motivation and socio-emotional development of young people. This training complements 90% of the education training based on real practice on hardware and software, and entrepreneurship. In addition, this project offers tutoring during all the training.

"Quality and inclusive digital education as a key tool for adaptation to the current context and labor inclusion of young people in situations of social vulnerability"

Greater Buenos Aires: Don Torcuato. Artisan of My Life.

“Artisan of my life” is a training program in art, ceramics, values and employability for adolescents and young people living in situations of social vulnerability. Its origin comes from the union of Grano de Mostaza Foundation and Los Naranjos Foundation.

Grano de Mostaza Foundation contributes with elements of its two programs. On the one hand, My Life Project supports adolescents in an integral way in order for them to be able to finish high school, providing them with skills and training needed to obtain a job. On the other hand, Sembrando Creatividad is a community program that uses art as a means to work on skills such as self-esteem (based on identity work), communication, frustration tolerance, creative and lateral thinking, among others.

Los Naranjos Foundation provides training in the ceramic field, incorporating tools for work, and mainly providing human training and channeling emotions through the handling of clay.

As a result, this is a comprehensive program that links different areas and disciplines; combining plastic arts, education, psychology, art therapy and social work. Under this framework, it is necessary to work in interdisciplinary pedagogical pairs, in which one person is trained in arts or ceramics and the other in psychology, art therapy, coaching or communication. This teamwork has many implications: greater support of young people and greater depth and better vision of the group and of each individual. It also generates different points of view and greater individual contention. The work of the pedagogical couple is reflected in the results since it allows access to a deeper level.

"Promoting access to tools for the world of work through training workshops on socio-emotional skills and employability with the use of art and pottery/ceramics"

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Premios y Menciones

  • Buenas Prácticas para la Erradicación de la Violencia en la Infancia (Congreso de la Nación Argentina e INSPIRE) - 2019
  • Declaración de Interés Educativo Provincial (Ministerio de Educación de la Provincia de Salta) - 2019
  • Mejor Emprendedor Social del Año 2017 (Ernst & Young) - 2017
  • Premio a la Excelencia para la Sostenibilidad por la Cámara de Comercio Británica Argentina - 2017
  • Premio al Liderazgo Sostenible de la Cámara de Comercio Británica Argentina - 2017 (2da columna)
  • Evaluación de los Programas de la Fundación Grano de Mostaza por la Universidad de Nueva York (NYU) - 2017
  • Declaración de Interés Social del Programa “Sembrando Creatividad” por la Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires - 2017
  • Premio del Concurso Nacional de Proyectos “Comunidades Fundación MAPFRE” - 2017
  • Premio Construyendo Educación con Energía por Pampa Energía S.A. - 2008
  • Premio Comunidad por la Fundación Diario La Nación - 2008